Self-leveling Vermobil Style Quatris table, the one that finds stability on any surface by itself

The Quatris Vermobil outdoor table is a revolutionary product that solves the problem of instability of tables on uneven floors. Thanks to a particular technology in the materials of the top, the table automatically adapts to any floor, just positioned.

It has an exclusive design, designed by a specific team to guarantee originality and style, with references to tradition and attention to modernity. The design is focused at making the products safe both from a static and conservation point of view over the years. For this reason each piece is durable, functional and has a timeless line, which remains current over time.

The Quatris table has a galvanized metal structure, with a retro and futuristic taste, which adapts to any environment: terraces, gardens or swimming pools. In galvanized metal, it can be dismantled and used in any situation, the painting is made with Qualicoat class 1 and class 2 thermosetting polyester powders, to guarantee maximum resistance against atmospheric agents.

It is stackable up to 10 pieces and available in sizes:

  • 60×60
  • 70×70
  • 80×80
  • 90×90
  • 80×60
  • 160×80
  • 200×80

Available in different colors and in 9 finishes, it’s suitable for outdoor use and can be combined with chairs and armchairs of the same line. It represents a practical solution for both private and professional use!

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