VERDEA, aluminum Design with a Green Soul

The new Vermobil collection unveiled at the 2024 Salone del Mobile.

Softness of lines and fluidity of forms, lightweight structure and material solidity, these elements blend to create a series of contemporary pieces with balanced proportions and essential design, perfect for seamlessly integrating into any environment that seeks harmony with nature.

Named VERDEA, it’s Vermobil’s first collection entirely crafted from aluminum. Designed by Nicola Bonriposi, it comprises dining chairs, stools, lounges, and sofas, all in soft, vibrant colors that, as the line’s name suggests, pay tribute to the chromatic harmonies and intense aromas of the wine that inspired it.

High-performing, lightweight, and durable, aluminum ensures functionality, longevity, and maximum comfort, providing each piece with rigor, practicality, and style.

The best way to infuse greenery with poetry, with an innovative touch and a constant pursuit of beauty.

Salone del Mobile

16-21 Aprile 2024

Pad. 5  STAND  B07