Vermobil all year round:our outdoor furniture is perfect even in winter.

When autumn approaches and the leaves begin to change color, people usually start thinking about storing indoor their outdoor furniture. Making outdoor spaces enjoyable all year around is now a common need. Earning an extra room and using it even in the coldest months is definitely an advantage! Recently, the emergency linked to Covid-19 pointed out the desire and need to make the outdoor spaces of the house more livable. It’s possible to make the most of them, even during the colder seasons, with weather-resistant furniture. In winter, as for the rest of the year, outdoor furniture must shield itself from bad weather and temperature drops. Shop owners, restaurateurs, and hospitality professionals know this well: in the mountains, in the big cities as well as at the seaside, to offer customers the opportunity to relax outside their own spaces is crucial. For Vermobil collections, a careful choice of raw materials ensures the creation of reliable, durable, and weather-resistant pieces. The galvanized metals, polyester powder coatings, and the use of galvanizing epoxy primer, fiber polyolefin ropes, and the continuous tests greatly improve the products’ resistance. Vermobil has always met the needs of individual and business customers that intend to enjoy their balcony, terrace, patio, or garden throughout the year. The colder winter months can offer great opportunities to go out and spend time comfortably seated, alone, or in company.