Growth means enrichment, by experience, by projects, ideas, dreams, intuitions.

An Vermobil knows.

Starting this year, Vermobil offers three different perspectives: GIARDINO MIO dedicated to the home and to the private space, THE CONTRACT specifically for accommodation facilities and MY COCOON which presents collections for interiors. Giradino mio 2020 catalogue launches new models but also adds unexpected combinations, which introduce new proprosals in terms of design and materials. Rope, ceramic, wood, steel and aluminium are combined and intertwined in several models, redefining the distinctive signature of a vesatile, spirited and costantly evolving company.


Since 1993, Vermobil operates an efficent industrial plant in the heart of Umbria: 9000 square meters, structured and organized to create reliable, easy maintenance design product; weather.resistance is granted by the use of galvanized metals and carefully researched polyester powder coatings.

Careful choice of experenced and qualified professionals and the selection of first-rate material and components allow Vermobil to keep the highest quality in its production.Product collections are brought to the national and international market by a highly organized and qualified professionals and widespread network of dealers, chosen among the most qualified in the industry.

Always loyal to its craftsmanship roots, Vermobil has grown over time, reacting to the changing production needs of the industry while combining constant technological research with an inborn love for beauty.



Vermobil production has all the strength of “Made in Italy” and relies on advanced technologies focusing on quality raw materials, which ensure that parts are safe, weatherproof and easy  to maintain. Galvanised metals and polyester powder coatings ensure durability and the galvanising epoxy base enhances the product’s resistance to enviromental exposure. The quality of all products is constantly tested by means of internal controls that simulate the accelerated ageing of the materials.


Vermobil has made flexibility one of its strengths. Operational readiness, production reliability, availability of specific and customised processes, dependable delivery and a wide range of available colours make the company a benchmark in the field. Over time, the company has been able to address the real needs of its customers while always ensuring the best possible offer.


Vermobil is an international company that over time has reshaped from an artisan business to a furniture manufacturer, while preserving its most genuine identity, that of a community of people. At the heart of the company is its extraordinary craftsmanship, which is reflected in the weaving of the ropes or in thr welds and is best expressed in the professional side of production, adding value to each piece without forgoing the most advanced technologies available in the industry.


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